5 Talent Sourcing Techniques To Get Your A-List Candidates

Ready to hire A-List candidates into your business? Use the most innovative talent sourcing techniques to supercharge recruitment this year.

5 Talent Sourcing Techniques To Get Your A-List Candidates

Where does your company's talent come from? Is your talent sourcing done through job boards, passive recruitment, employee referrals, or LinkedIn? By now, we all know that it is essential to build your recruitment pipeline by using innovative sourcing techniques if you want to attract the right kind of candidates. But where to start?

Fortunately, we have a few tried-and-tested recruitment tricks up our sleeve that we are willing to share. Here are five talent sourcing strategies that will pave the way for serious A-list candidate action on your recruitment log in the year ahead and beyond.

Five Talent Sourcing Techniques To Supercharge Recruitment

1. Let Your Employer Brand Do The Talking

Take the time to build your employer brand, and eventually, your name will speak for itself when it comes to attracting talent. If your company becomes known as a great place to work, where employees are happily engaged and empowered to become the best workplace versions of themselves, you will naturally draw the heavy hitters.

People talk, and when it becomes apparent (via the grapevine or on more formal platforms like Glassdoor) that your company treats its people right, the top contenders will want in on the action.

2. Keep Tabs On Top Talent With A CRM

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Do you feel like you’re always scrambling to get a list of candidates together when you recruit for a newly open position, even though you’ve recruited for similar job openings before? This is where a CRM comes in handy. Rather than laying your pipeline from scratch every time, a CRM platform allows you to keep tabs on everyone you've been in touch with before.

Depending on the management system you choose, its functionality could allow you to access historical data so you can resurface top talent at the press of a button. It could also show how and when you were in touch with a prospective candidate, which member of your team engaged with them, and where they currently find themselves in terms of employment, etc.

3. Embrace The Benefits Of AI

The notion of AI recruitment may seem like the stuff of sci-fi movies, but it is actually becoming an indispensable part of the modern-day HR ecosystem. The role of AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) in recruitment is unfolding as we speak and providing HR practitioners with ever more exciting benefits and opportunities on the daily.

Platforms like &Team make it possible for recruiters to source qualified talent more effectively by mining professional sites like Pnet, LinkedIn, Indeed, Careers24, and Facebook Jobs, helping pinpoint a particular talent segment.

It can also screen resumes to shortlist candidates and features a variety of assessment and pre-screening tools that test aspects such as a candidate's aptitude, soft skills, cultural fit, etc.

4. Nurture Prospects Via Targeted Email Campaigns

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Once you have your talent pipelines set up, it’s time to use them to your advantage. Targeted email campaigns are one of the best ways to do so. Reach out to your prospects to let them know when a suitable position is available, and also provide them with the opportunity to share the info with friends, family, or co-workers at the click of a button (mobile-enabled, if possible).

5. Don’t Forget Your Alumni

When people move on from your organization, they don't immediately disappear off the face of the earth. In fact, they are quite likely to go on to grow in their field and remain connected to a network of people who are likewise interested in whatever it is that they do. As such, ex-employees can be a wonderful source of referrals and even become boomerang hires themselves down the line.

This is why it pays to stay in touch with your alumni when they seek greener pastures. When someone prepares to move on from your business, make sure to offboard them as carefully as you onboarded them in the first place. Provide them with the means to stay in touch on a mutually-beneficial platform. This way, you can always reach out if you're looking for pre-qualified talent in the future.


With the right talent sourcing techniques in your recruitment arsenal, getting A-list candidates is a cinch. Start by bolstering your employer brand to draw the right kind of candidates naturally. Keep tabs on top talent with a CRM, and embrace the benefits of AI and ML. Nurture prospects via targeted email campaigns, and don’t forget your alumni.