Not Winning At Recruiting? Avoid These 5 Mistakes

Are you recruiting in a way that improves employee retention, boosts morale, and saves the business money?

Not Winning At Recruiting? Avoid These 5 Mistakes

Taking a strategic approach to recruitment can boost your hiring success rate and improve employee retention in the long run. When you consider that replacing a single employee can cost up to 50% or more of their monthly salary, it becomes all the more clear just how critical it is to hire tactfully.

To get the right people into the business and ensure they stay, it will help you to avoid the five recruitment mistakes we mention below. Do this, and you will be on the path to improving your employee retention rate, boosting morale, and saving money.

Five Recruitment Mistakes HR Professionals Should Avoid

1. Writing Run-Of-The-Mill Job Descriptions

If your job descriptions are too generalised or fail to grab the attention of job seekers, the chances are that you won't attract the candidates you have in mind.

A job description is where you can describe your ideal applicant, show off a bit of your business personality, and let the world know who you are looking for. Don't be afraid to go into detail here and insist on the applicant having characteristics that you feel are mission-critical to the job.

The solution

Craft job description copy that is:

  • Brief and concise, covering everything you want the candidate to know.
  • Exciting, so you stand out among similar job postings and grab the attention of suitable candidates.
  • Use your brand voice so candidates can get a “taste” of what your company is about and get a feel if they will fit in with your work culture.
  • Accurate and jargon-free.
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2. Posting Job Openings On Wrong or Too Few Platforms

The internet is full of job platforms to post your open positions. One of the top recruitment mistakes is not utilising the right platforms for your industry or the roles on offer.

Finding the right candidate means knowing who they are and on which online job resources they feature.

The solution

  • Do not post to every job board, employment listing website, social media platform, or community you can find - be specific.
  • Understand your candidate and post your job opening where these ideal employees search for work.
  • Utilise a talent management platform to help you pick the right online job platforms.

3. Not Hiring From Within Your Company

Many recruiters miss out on critical talent when they don’t consider hiring from within the company. The best candidates could be hiding in plain sight.

There are many benefits to hiring internally: employees already know your company’s mission, values, and processes, making them productive sooner. It is also more economical to hire internally - money and time are lost when posting to the outside world where you have to sift through tons of CVs and screen results.

The Solution

  • When a position opens, advertise it internally.
  • Continually develop career paths for your employees. If you know which direction they would like to take, this can help you in workforce planning and finding better-suited candidates for the position.
Hire From Within

4. Underestimating The Screening Process

Another one of the recruitment mistakes made by hiring managers is not putting enough emphasis on screening candidates.

The reality is, done correctly, the screening process can save a lot of time when hiring. If you are working with a talent experience management platform such as &Team, the technology can aid in this stage by assessing candidates based on factors such as personality, skills, amount of experience, and more.

The solution

  • Don't skip the "phone screen." Get a chatbot onboard to ask some critical questions to the applicants. Or ask the candidates to do inbox assessments or a pre-screening test to evaluate their communication, organisation skills, or work personality.
  • Don’t throw out CVs where the applicant has taken an employment gap. Candidates take work breaks for valid reasons. Real-life experience does translate into alternative skills development that may be valuable for the job.

5. Relying Too Heavily On The Interview

The interviews with the shortlisted candidates are not necessarily the most critical factor in the recruitment process. More often than not, candidates will tell you what they think you want to hear during the interview and HR managers use the interview to confirm their impressions of the applicant.

The solution

  • Take a holistic approach and evaluate the best candidates based on their CVs, the pre-screening results, and the interview process.
  • Prepare for the interview by evaluating credentials, personality, culture fit, etc.
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Final Thoughts

There are many recruitment mistakes HR managers and talent recruiters make. Learn from them and make the process more efficient by posting great job descriptions, seeing value in candidate screening, posting on the right platforms, and knowing the interview is just one piece of the recruitment puzzle.

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