Mobile Recruitment To Attract Top Talent To Your Organisation

We live in the digital age where candidates want the option to apply for a job from their smartphones. Mobile recruitment plays a critical role in attracting top talent to an organisation.

Mobile Recruitment To Attract Top Talent To Your Organisation

We live in the digital age where candidates want the option to apply for a job from their smartphones. The convenience of being able to apply from anywhere and not be limited to sitting in front of a PC makes for a better candidate experience. Mobile recruitment plays a critical role in attracting top talent to an organisation.

According to a study, approximately 75% of top candidates use their mobile devices for job hunting, while only 40% of other candidates do so. It is therefore crucial for businesses to have a mobile-responsive job application platform and software integrations connected to their website.

Optimising Your Job Portal For Mobile

A specialised software integration such as the &Team platform turns your organisation’s job portal or website into a mobile optimised platform to attract the top applicants.  Going this route has several advantages, including:

  • Showcase your organisation’s brand with a fully branded career portal
  • You can post customised job advertisements and receive recommendations for placements across the most popular job boards including LinkedIn, Indeed, and Pnet
  • Candidates can upload their resumes via mobile and instantly receive job recommendations based on the skills they highlight
  • 24/7 chat support to assist candidates with any questions they have about the application process

Effective Strategies For A Mobile Recruitment Platform

Keep The Features Simple

When connecting a talent acquisition platform to your website, ideally you want the features to be simple and concise. Candidates need to be able to use the platform easily and rapidly. They also need to be able to easily navigate through job postings.

You need to incorporate a clearly visible Apply button and can include integration tools which will allow candidates to easily upload their resume from Google Drive, Dropbox, or their local device storage. You do not want to leave candidates struggling to understand the features and how to access them.

Don’t Waste The Candidate’s Time

Your platform needs to save candidates’ time and allow them to apply from anywhere. For example, they should be able to apply while queuing up in a bank or during their daily commute. An application which asks for too much information might discourage candidates from applying as they know recruiters will only spend a few seconds scanning their applications.

Make Your Interface Mobile-Responsive, Not Mobile-Friendly

The interface to the career portal should be mobile-responsive – the layout and content need to adjust according to the screen size they are displayed on.

There is a difference between this and being mobile-friendly. The latter ensures that the original website displays on a mobile screen, although it may require candidates to zoom in and out or scroll across to read the job postings.

On the other hand, being responsive means that the site content is optimized to display perfectly on the smaller screens, providing a better user experience.

Include Videos On Your Platform

Videos are increasingly being shown as part of Google search results and if you include videos on your platform, website traffic can rise by up to 78%. This means that there is a higher chance that candidates can view your job posting on their phones.

Top candidates tend to do their own research on a business before applying for a job. Videos can help in attracting them to your organisation. For example, you can schedule an online job search event through live videos. This can prove to be highly beneficial, particularly since the current Covid-19 pandemic has made face-to-face job fairs and events obsolete.

Be Responsive To Candidates

Once your career portal is set up and you can facilitate mobile recruitment, you need to manage it properly. You need to keep monitoring the platform and keep applicants engaged throughout the entire process. This can be done through the platform by sending personalised email or text messages to candidates as they progress along the application funnel. The purpose of this is to provide a great candidate experience as you respond to them timely, in turn, instilling confidence in the organisation.

Incorporate a Chatbot Into Your Platform

Candidates can apply for jobs at any time or day of the week and may have questions to ask before going through the application process. However, recruiters are not always able to respond to the candidate's queries in real-time. A chatbot can easily solve this issue in mobile recruitment.

A chatbot uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing systems to provide a real-time conversation with people. Besides responding to candidates' queries, a chatbot can also generate notifications to them such as acknowledgement and progress of their application.


Mobile recruitment is an irrefutable trend which needs to be part of the hiring strategy. It allows you to attract top candidates to your organisation as they can apply from anywhere at their convenience.

If you want to ensure the success of the hiring process at your organisation, get in touch with us at &Team to discuss using our mobile optimised talent acquisition platform for your business.