Key Attributes of a Successful Talent Acquisition Platform

Key Attributes of a Successful Talent Acquisition Platform

Traditional Talent Acquisition (TA) is broken!

A passive, 'post and pray' approach to recruiting won't do TA teams any favours in a job market carrying a 29% unemployment rate. For every qualified job applicant in South Africa, there's an average of twenty unqualified applicants. To hire the best talent faster, teams require a precision tool that can handle large volumes of applications and pinpoint qualified candidates.

Enter the talent acquisition platform, which allows TA teams and the HR department to supercharge their hiring process. From sourcing through to sending over an offer, it places the best candidates in the pipeline and improves the efficiency of recruiting cycles.

What Qualifies As A Successful Platform?

More than filling a role, talent acquisition forms part of an overall business and HR strategy. It factors in the long-term goals of an organisation and recognizes that people play an active part in its success.

In mature, low unemployment markets, which put candidates in control, the world's best talent acquisition platforms have a different battle to win. Sourcing talent and utilising a candidate engagement strategy are more critical to success than fine-combing through applications to narrow down powerhouse candidates, although the candidate experience should never be neglected.

For maximum leverage of the talent market in Msanzi, TA teams need a platform that can match candidates to positions and positions to candidates at scale.

The ability to automate compatibility scoring is also extremely valuable, improving KPIs such as Time to Hire and Cost of Acquisition.

Key Attributes Of A Successful Talent Acquisition Platform

AI and Machine Learning

A platform driven by AI and Machine Learning gives recruiters access to a more qualified pool of candidates.

Within seconds of posting a job listing, the technology automatically identifies candidates who are a match. By evaluating applicants against specific requisites set for the position, this puts forward a more qualified pool of talent from the start.

From the applicant's perspective, Machine Learning technology creates a personalised experience. It analyses the information that the candidate submits online, going on to list suitable job openings which match their experience, abilities, and interests.

Branded Career Portal

Employer branding is central to any recruiters' efforts to build a talent pipeline and attract qualified candidates. A platform with a branded career portal grabs the attention of top talent and encourages them to apply.

It also provides a more consistent and streamlined candidate experience. A branded portal reaffirms the organisation's professional image and allows talent to discover more about the business.

GDPR Compliant

The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, has overhauled how organisations process and handle peoples’ data. In an age where we create so much information online, GDPR compliancy ensures that candidates have full control over their data and how it’s used in-line with international regulatory standards.

Job Advertising Recommendations

To get in front of the right candidates, organisations need to advertise open positions on the right job boards. These are platforms such as LinkedIn, Pnet, Indeed, and Careers24 where the potential talent pool either hang out or search for going positions.

The talent acquisition platform should provide tailored advertising suggestions, specific to industry and organisation location, by utilising API's which connect the platforms and gather candidate and job data.

With their outreach efforts focused on the right job boards, recruiters can enjoy a larger ROI per requisition.

Job Fit Personality Assessment

A person who's a fit on paper with the right skills, education, and experience isn't necessarily the most suitable for any given role. The best candidate also has certain personality traits that provide indicators of excellent work performance and align with organisational culture.

For years, recruiters have been using personality tests to screen and identify talent from the available pool. Today, a successful talent acquisition platform should have this built into the portal. It provides a seamless experience as both candidates and recruiters work from a single, integrated platform.

Data-driven insights taken from the test can save time for both parties and help to drive informed decision-making from the beginning.

Requisition Management

Requisition management is an important aspect of the talent acquisition process. It's also relatively complex in a large organisation if HR, department managers, or external agencies have to shift documents between one another manually. The solution is a platform that initiates and concludes position openings electronically.

From a recruiter's perspective, it's beneficial to have a bird's eye view of each open requisition. Position management is simplified with a single page view that displays matched candidates alongside their respective application status.

Workflow can be made even more efficient by a platform which allows automatic stage actions to be set. This could include skills assessments or one-way video interviews once a candidate reaches a specific point in their application.

SSO and Granular Access

Organisational hire typically involves a team of stakeholders including recruiters, hiring managers, department heads, and recruitment agencies. However, the level of access required to the job requisitions and talent acquisition platform as a whole will vary at each level.

A platform which allows talent leaders to set up Single sign-on (SSO) and granular access permissions is, therefore, a requisite for appropriate requisition management. It supports compliance, streamlines workflow, and ensures that access is limited to appropriate authority levels.

Metrics To Understand Performance

Tracking metrics such as time to hire, cost of acquisition, and CSAT help organisations to understand job ROI, agency, and recruiter performance in real-time.

Similarly, analysing performance across job boards is crucial to identify which are delivering the best results.

As a result, a platform which provides access to these metrics on an easy to read dashboard should be part and parcel to the hiring and management experience.

Hire Better Talent Faster

&Team's talent acquisition platform is designed to help organisations recruit and engage with more qualified candidates. It provides recruiters and management with smart technology to drive informed hiring decisions specific to the South African market.

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