5 Innovative Recruitment Methods Top Hiring Teams Utilise

The top people in any given field are hard to win over. Are you using the right recruitment methods to get their attention?

5 Innovative Recruitment Methods Top Hiring Teams Utilise

Effective recruitment methods are treated like hidden treasure among HR personnel - if a certain method or avenue yields exceptional results, it is often closely guarded and only shared with a select few. It makes sense. After all, the war for talent is real, and if you find a way to identify and attract top candidates, it can seem like a good idea to keep the source to yourself.

However, at a time when we know that three million South Africans lost their jobs over the COVID-19 lockdown period, it’s time to put the nation back to work. So, in the spirit of making the circle bigger, we thought we’d share a few innovative recruitment methods that some of SA’s top hiring teams are utilising right now.

5 Recruitment Methods That Are Making A Splash in the HR World Right Now

1. Passive Recruitment

The top people in any given field are normally hard to get, simply because they tend to be happily employed at the companies which scooped them up first and are working at keeping them there. However, humans are unpredictable. You never know when someone might be feeling the stirring to seek out a new adventure despite all the comforts they have at home base.

This is why passive recruitment is such an important part of reaching out to highly prized candidates. Passive recruitment refers to the practice of seeking out a job candidate who is not currently looking for a new position, also called headhunting. This recruitment method requires a fair amount of patience and a thick skin, especially since there are plenty of no's involved. However, when it does pay off, it pays off in a big way.

Best Reruitment Methods

2. Utilise Social Media Job Portals

The gig economy is hot and happening in South Africa at the moment, especially among creatives such as copywriters, graphic designers, photographers, web designers, UX professionals, etc. Many of these talented individuals have suffered through multiple retrenchments and prefer to seek out contract employment on social media job portals such as I Know A Guy or The Resource.

However, just because someone chooses to freelance doesn't mean that they won't be open to full or part-time employment at the right company if the position appealed to them and money was right. As such, job boards like these can be fruitful hunting grounds for top talent if you adapt your approach accordingly and angle your offer in the right way.

3. Leverage Alumni Platforms

Forward-thinking businesses realise that the relationship with an employee extends beyond the exit interview. This is why many successful global enterprises like Citi, McKinsey, and Accenture have corporate alumni programs that are tailored to keep their ex-employees in the loop.

One of the major benefits of investing in an alumni program is the ability to initiate boomerang hires down the line. Many employees leave to pursue new challenges, work with specific mentors, or for personal life choices such as relocating to support a spouse with a new job, etc. As such, they could very well return at a later stage to add value to your team once more.

4. AI-Based Recruitment Software

AI Based Software

AI-based recruitment software like &Team allows recruiters to score candidates for job fit and personality instantly, and get candidates to complete video or text-based interview questions. These platforms can also be used to seamlessly schedule interviews, send offer letters and contracts, as well as keep interview scorecards while tracking each candidate throughout the appraisal process.

With AI and machine learning in the mix, only the best candidates are highlighted throughout the recruitment process. You can also benefit from premium job advertising suggestions based on your job location and industry, and post for free to hundreds of organic job boards.

5. Word Of Mouth Referrals

Your most valuable recruitment resources are often right under your nose, namely your current employees. However, to get word of mouth referrals from your existing team, you need to take a step back and evaluate your employer brand. The simple fact is that your employees are not going to refer friends and family to your job site if they are not happy working for you.

By focusing on the engagement levels and employee experience at your company before you reach out to new candidates, you can improve your eNPS (employee net promoter score). This, in turn, will make your company all the more attractive to prospective job applicants.


Five innovative recruitment methods are making a big difference in the hiring success of South African companies in the wake of the lockdown shakeup. This includes passive recruitment, social media job portals, alumni platforms, AI-based recruitment software, and word of mouth referrals.