The Induction Program: What Is It & How It’s Helpful For New Employees

Are you giving your new employees the best possible start when they join the business?

The Induction Program: What Is It & How It’s Helpful For New Employees

A formal induction program welcomes new employees and paves the way for them to get immersed in their new environment without being overstimulated.

A great program will introduce them to practical and theoretical procedures of your workplace. Things like where to park and what to do in a fire drill are covered in this welcome process. It's also vital to ensure new hires are given all the information and certainty they need about their new position.

At a time when up to 20% of new hires leave within 45 days of joining a business, it's so essential for your onboarding and induction processes to be smooth and helpful. They need to create immediate inclusivity within the workplace and engage new employees from the start.

What Is An Induction Program?

An induction program should touch on the following essential processes for your organisation:

  • provide employees with a general introduction to their colleagues and a chance to meet with their manager or supervisor.
  • familiarise new hires with their environment through a tour of the workplace.
  • explain any health and safety measures, as well as company policies to employees.
  • get all the necessary documentation out of the way, including signing contracts.
  • identify any needed training (physical or digital) to bring the new employee up to speed.
  • review the person’s roles and responsibilities going forward.
  • welcome pack to ensure your new recruits have something to refer back to when they need it.
  • set up regular appraisal and review sessions.

Benefits Of Induction Program

There are many benefits, for both the business and employees in question, of formally welcoming new recruits into the fold.

Welcome New Employees

From the employer’s perspective, the induction process can:

  • increase productivity and reduce the turnover as new staff know precisely what their role involves.
  • cover all the legal aspects of the business the employee should know about, including the company rules and health and safety measures.
  • enhance the employer brand by providing a positive and professional introduction to the workplace that allows for easy assimilation.
  • encourage new employees to engage with the business from the get-go, making them feel valued and welcome.

From the employee’s perspective, induction can:

  • can make new employees feel secure and at ease, helping them to settle into the position quicker.
  • help them figure out where they fit into the organisation as a whole, promoting a sense of belonging.
  • become more effective and efficient workers because they have been given and taught all necessary information from the beginning.
  • better prepare them for work as they are made aware of all the business management processes.
  • set the bar for communication with management in the workplace.

How Do Induction Programs Make Onboarding Easier?

The onboarding process lasts several months. It provides new employees with the tools they need in the long run to become productive members of the workforce.

On the other hand, orientation through an induction program happens only at the very beginning of a new role. The purpose of this is to help new hires find their feet right away and familiarise them with the new workplace.

Induction is part of the process to pave the way for a successful start and long-term success. The program doesn’t last very long but provides all the general tips and cues new staff need to move into onboarding confidently.

Induction and Onboarding

Final Thoughts

Invest your time in creating a checklist of areas to cover during new staff orientation. Make sure to include all personal introductions, workplace familiarity, and must-know health and safety regulations.

A smooth induction program can increase long-term retention and lead to better onboarding, whether in-office or remotely.

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