Inclusivity In The Workplace: 3 Reasons Why It Is Important

Inclusion is sometimes overlooked when it comes to fostering D&I in the workplace. But, get it right and you can engage and empower employees.

Inclusivity In The Workplace: 3 Reasons Why It Is Important

Many businesses know that building a diverse workforce is crucial for their success. The advantages of having a team with different backgrounds and viewpoints are undeniable. However, a sometimes-overlooked step in the bigger picture is to foster inclusivity in the workplace; the two go hand in hand.

True inclusion happens when a diverse team of people is actively involved in and trusted by the organization. Every member has equal opportunities to influence and contribute to the business's goals, outcomes, and everyday processes. Individuals should feel free to make their voice heard, be part of the decision-making processes, have authority, and a sense of belonging.

In the absence of inclusion, employees are disengaged and unempowered. If you are taking steps to build a more robust, cohesive workforce, this is the epitome of the situation you want to avoid.

If you are ready to tackle D&I in your workplace and want to learn about the advantages of doing so, keep reading.

Three Reasons Why Inclusivity In The Workplace Is Crucial

1. Increased Employee Engagement

A Gallup study published in the Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies found a strong link between perceptions of inclusiveness and employee engagement in the workplace.

The study reports that an amalgamation of inclusivity and employee engagement resulted in between a 46% and 58% increase in financial performance.

It also highlights how engaged employees are more likely to feel confident that their company values diverse ideas and will do what is right when it comes to issues regarding discrimination.

Why Practice D&I

This is a vital focus point, as it means that companies that exhibit their commitment to stand by their workforce will gain many loyal employees.

In general, engaged employees are happier and more productive than those who aren't. So, naturally, this impacts the business’ bottom line and ability to retain and attract top talent.

2. Cultivates A Sense Of Belonging

When you foster a work environment that focuses on inclusion, your workers will feel a strong sense of belonging. This is because they get to work in an environment where they know that their opinions matter and their voice can be heard.

An increased sense of belonging will also make your employees feel like their workplace is a safe space where they can be their authentic selves. When a person goes to work feeling like this, it can improve their overall well-being and create a space where they are able to produce their best work.

A strong diversity and inclusion program can also make employees feel excited about their work environment, and passionate about their role and the company in general. As a result, their performance can shoot up, and the business may well see higher levels of productivity and collaboration in the workspace.

In short, it is an avenue to foster innovation.

How To Foster Workplace Innovation

3. Results In Better Business Performance

When you include more diverse employees in all decision-making, the company will flourish, and business performance will increase. People with different backgrounds can contribute to the conversation on workplace issues, allowing you to discover various approaches to finding resolutions.

According to research done by Forbes, it was found that inclusive teams tend to make better business decisions and come to better conclusions up to 87% of the time. This is when compared with teams that are less inclusive and diverse.

The research also found that teams that follow an inclusive protocol make decisions two times faster in half the number of meetings than teams that don’t.

Final Thoughts

The benefits are clear: fostering inclusivity in the workplace is beneficial to your employees and your business.

When employees look forward to going to work, they take pride in what they do and see a future for themselves within the business. For companies, it becomes a means to increase employee engagement, cultivate a sense of belonging, boost business loyalty, and ultimately improve performance.

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