7 Things Great Recruitment Videos Have in Common

A look into recruitment videos- what they are and how to use them to attract new talent.

7 Things Great Recruitment Videos Have in Common

Recruitment videos aren’t a common element in job ads or posting. Most companies add a job description and requirements and leave it up to the applicant to fill in the rest. HR managers and recruiters rarely have enough space to promote their company and the position they need to fill in those small job ad spaces. This statistic makes it vital to present well-crafted and distinct recruitment posts.

Videos are a great way to draw applicants and make your job ad more visually appealing. They peak applicant interest, invite applicant participation and allow you to illustrate rather than tell candidates what your company’s about.

What Is a Recruitment Video?

A recruitment video is a clip that showcases your company culture, brand, employees, what the role comprises, and more- but more creatively than bullet points. You can include one in your job descriptions and job ads. However, you can use them at any stage of the recruitment and hiring process: on career sites and platforms, social media, microsites, landing pages, and even during or after a job interview.

How and where you use these videos depends on your goal in your hiring funnel; to create awareness and interest, to engage, to evaluate candidates, and more.

Reasons to Use Videos for Recruitment

These are the top five reasons you should make use of videos in your recruitment strategy. They:

  • Increase your SEO and better your ranking on the search results page. You can see an improvement of more than 150% in organic traffic when you use video.
  • Improve how you reach candidates. With video, your content has a share rate of up to 1,200% more.
  • Boost your job ad views and the number of applications you receive per posting.
  • Showcase your company culture and brand, which can give you a competitive advantage to attract outstanding talent.
  • Target the right candidates and get a higher application rate.
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7 Tips to Make Your Recruiting Videos Great

Anticipate Questions Candidates May Have

The most common questions your candidates will have are about the job, the workplace culture, and whether they will be a good fit. Ensure your recruitment video highlights these aspects to ensure the right applicants apply.

Share Information

Your job ad video should include information about the vacancy and the company. Showcase the actual working environment and consider including a brief tour of the working space if it is relevant. Ask a few employees what it's like to work there and be sure to include their job titles in the video to provide context.

Include Employees

Potential recruits don’t just want to see and hear the CEO of the company’s perspective. Of course, you should feature company leadership, but only briefly. Interview employees at various levels. This ensures candidates get a feel for the kinds of individuals they’ll work with, as well as the work environment.

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Keep It Short

Videos for your job postings don’t need to be long. Keep it between two to five minutes so your viewers stay engaged.

Be Genuine

These videos should represent the company, the employees, and the job authentically. They should be honest and real, but there should also be an element of fun. Applicants should watch the video and think, “Man, I want to work there. That’s a cool place.”

Update Your Video & Have More Than One

Ideally, you should not use the same recruitment video over and over again. It’s best to update your videos as your company grows and to have the video accurately represent changes in the workplace, culture, and people.

Similarly, you may want a few different videos that appeal to different job hunters depending on the role. For a tech development position, you may want to do something like Apple’s recruitment video (below) where it’s clear that innovation is key. But for a management position, you should opt to set a slightly different tone.

Don’t Forget the CTA

Your video needs to include a call-to-action or CTA. You may think that a potential applicant watching the video will automatically know they need to apply. Think again.

You need to be explicit and tell viewers what you want them to do. Direct them to where they need to go to apply for the open position. It could be the application form or your job landing site. Just ensure there is a next step.

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5 Recruiting Video Examples to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Inspired by all these tips? Check out these videos by well-known companies for an even better illustration of this recruitment feature’s effectiveness:

Final Words

Recruitment videos help you attract the right candidates and keep them engaged. They also ensure that you accurately demonstrate the company brand, culture, mission, and values. Why wait? Get videoing and creating today!

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