Does Your Business Take Employee Development Seriously? Here's Why It's Important!

Employee development plays a vital role in business growth, employee retention and satisfaction, and productivity and efficiency. Here's why.

Does Your Business Take Employee Development Seriously? Here's Why It's Important!

Many organisations work hard at recruiting top talent, measuring employee satisfaction, and aiming for inclusivity. Employee development plays an integral role in ensuring the success of these efforts. To get the best out of their resources, businesses must upskill workers and provide them with the support they need to become better at their jobs.

Let’s take a look at the important benefits of providing a path for development and the guidelines you need to design an upskilling program that aligns organisational goals with individual success.

Four Important Benefits of Employee Development

Here are four benefits your business can enjoy when you start to focus on workforce development as part of the overall drive to improve the employee experience:

1. Improved Retention Rates

Richard Branson famously said, 'train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they won't want to'. It is a sentiment that is one of the cornerstones of employee development initiatives. On top of that, it is also one reason why companies benefit when they start to invest in their workforce.

Learning & development for workforce retention

It can seem like a dicey proposition to train your employees so well that they might jump ship and use these skills elsewhere. However, this doesn't tend to be the case. The more a business invests in its people and provides them with opportunities to better themselves, the more likely they are to stay.

Employee churn is costly! Any move a company can make to keep turnover numbers as low as possible counts in the favour of the whole organisation. After all, when your people stick around and grow within your business, you set yourself up for wonderful things like mentorship programmes, skills cross-pollination, and more.

2. Nurtured Leadership

Is your company continually considering future organisational goals and succession planning? Who are you preparing to take over the reins when your current top management stalwarts are ready to retire or pivot into a new career journey?

Development programs are a great way to identify current employees who can potentially move up in the organisation. You can use your programs to prep these candidates for future positions.

3. Increased Employee Empowerment

When people become more adept at their jobs, they’re more likely to excel along their career paths, making them feel strong and empowered. This type of confidence boost is a boon for any business. Confident, well-equipped workers can focus better, stay productive and keep the enterprise’s performance high. Empowering your staff can be just what your business needs to harvest big ideas and welcome creativity and innovation.

Offer development opportunities

4. Boosted Employee Engagement

Employee development programs present a fantastic opportunity for businesses to engage with their workers. Use your programs to ask questions and get input around employee satisfaction and their workplace experience. Regular engagement regarding tasks and processes can help you identify skills gaps and other improvement areas to lay the groundwork for further internal upskilling opportunities.

Top Tips On Tailoring an Employee Development Program

Here are a few key insights on tailoring an employee development program that ticks all the right boxes:

Go Big on Soft Skills

You don’t always need to focus your training and development efforts on your employees’ ‘hard’ skills, such as presentation, technical or project management skills. Soft skills are just as critical- and in some ways even more so- when it comes to holistically improving the employee experience.

Examples of soft skills include effective communication, teamwork, and dependability. Adaptability, conflict resolution and creative problem-solving also fall in this category. Helping your team to develop these skills can lead to a more cohesive and agile working environment for everyone.

Personalise Employee Development Journeys

Tailor specialised development initiatives to each employee for optimal success. After all, every person is different. They have different strengths, learning techniques and preferences.

Personalize employee journey

Task your managers to connect with each of their team members individually. They must identify how each person would like to grow and where these goals intersect with the needs and resources of the business as a whole. Also, use real-time reporting data on the health of your organisation to guide your program design.

Leverage The Benefits of Online Studies

One of the major perks of the digital age is being able to leverage the awesome benefits of online studies. Allowing your team to upskill online at their own pace and in their own time makes the entire process considerably less stressful and much more rewarding. Your business can buy into existing training programmes or even choose to develop its own if there is a need for greater curriculum control.

Final Thoughts

Employee development holds countless benefits for innovative businesses. This includes improved retention rates, nurturing leadership, personal empowerment, and boosted employee engagement.

Create an effective and successful development program by focusing on soft skills, personalising employee development journeys, and leveraging the benefits of online studies.

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