7 Ways Employee Engagement Software Helps You Stay On Top Of Workforce Happiness

At a time when companies with high employee engagement are on average 21% more profitable than their competitors, this is a topic that should be at the top of every CEO’s to-do list.

7 Ways Employee Engagement Software Helps You Stay On Top Of Workforce Happiness

Investing in employee engagement software is no longer a novel concept in the business world. In fact, at a time when we know that companies with high employee engagement are on average 21% more profitable than their competitors, taking care of engagement should be at the top of every innovative CEO’s must-do list.

Here’s how AI-based SaaS tools can help.

How AI-based Employee Engagement Software Can Help You to Keep Tabs of Employee Satisfaction

Employee engagement software with an AI element can help your business to keep tabs of employee satisfaction in several powerful ways.

So, what should you be looking for? Well, the right type of platform can do the following:

1. Remembers To Survey So You Don’t Have To

The modern-day business world moves at a rapid pace. This is why SaaS-based tools that are tailored to operate proactively make all the difference.

When it comes to surveying your workforce to keep track of your ENPS (employer net promoter score), surveys should ideally be scheduled automatically based on times or actions, and send regular, detailed reviews with actionable insights.

2. Makes Participation Effortless

The future is mobile. If you want the new, tech-savvy workforce to engage with your content, whether it be a recruitment post or a survey, you have to ensure that it's 100% mobile responsive.

SaaS-based employee engagement tools that offer employees the option of completing a survey on their choice of desktop or mobile increase participation levels tremendously. The more data, the better!


Making sense of survey data can be challenging at the best of times - even more so when your HR department has to consolidate feedback from teams that number in the hundreds, or thousands.

Fortunately, powerful AI and ML dashboards can help you to identify significant feedback trends early on so that decisionmakers can take appropriate action.

4. Makes Sense Of The Chatter

The online space can be very noisy, especially when you are trying to keep track of the sentiment regarding your employer brand. With the amount of online content generated these days, it’s impossible to do so manually. However, employee engagement software that incorporates AI/ML sentiment tracing can help to make sense of the chatter in a constructive way.

A sentiment engine consumes comments and ranks them as negative, neutral or positive. This can help HR to understand how employees are thinking and speaking about the company, and help them to implement changes that can boost the overall employer brand.

This is very useful when it comes to addressing unwanted employee churn and attracting top talent.

5. Raises Red Flags Early On

This year has been a tough one for employee engagement. According to statistics released by Gallup on the state of employee engagement in the US in 2020, approximately 14% of the workforce is actively disengaged.

This means that they are not merely unengaged, but that they are very negative about their job environment and likely to spread the negativity to co-workers.

When you have a platform with proactive alerts, business units or populations that require urgent attention are automatically flagged to stakeholders for further investigation. This way, the cause of the disengagement can be addressed before it becomes a major issue.

Software To Boost Employee Engagement

6. Traces Event Impact

Humans dislike change. It’s just how our brains are wired.

However, change is inevitable in the business space. In fact, for a company to flourish it has to adapt and change. As such, it’s par for the course that company structures will change, management will shuffle, employees will be promoted (and demoted), and new systems will be put in place.

Important events like these necessarily have an impact on morale and the employee experience in general. Whether it’s positive or negative will depend on a variety of factors, e.g. the way the change was implemented, whether the team was ready to adopt it, etc.

Keeping track of the prevailing atmosphere can be tricky, which is why survey data can be very valuable in this regard.

7. Take Ownership Of Company Data

For employee engagement software to work properly, it has to slot in seamlessly with the rest of your HR tools. Otherwise, you are just saddling your human resources team with one more platform they have to manage.

However, when a SaaS-based tool allows for dynamic data flow from existing information systems or resource planning tools, it's the ideal way to take ownership of company data.


Employee engagement software, like &Team, should form a part of every innovative business HR ecosystem. With the right type of SaaS-based system, your team will be able to leverage survey data in countless ways. This includes spotting trends and suggesting appropriate action, making sense of sentiments, sounding proactive alerts and tracing event impact within your company. Find out more here.