Championing Workforce Diversity and Inclusion In Your Company's DNA

Teams of all ethnicities, religions, backgrounds, and sexual orientations produce better results; inclusion in your company’s DNA helps to attract and retain this exceptional talent.

Championing Workforce Diversity and Inclusion In Your Company's DNA

Successful firms like Mckinsey and Gallup document how cultural and gender workforce diversity improves business success. The greater perspectives taken from varied backgrounds of junior employees through to C-Suite executives drives innovation and creates a greater exchange of ideas and skills in the organisation.

Quite simply, it’s agreed that teams of all ethnicities, religions, backgrounds, and sexual orientations produce better results; inclusion in your company’s DNA helps to attract and retain this exceptional talent.

Benefits Of D&I In The Workforce

Dynamic businesses that reflect diversity and inclusion (D&I) in their workforce can expect benefits such as:

  • Greater productivity
  • Better decision making
  • Access to more skilled staff
  • Increased creativity
  • Improved profits
  • Better hiring results
  • Lower employee turnover
  • Greater workforce satisfaction
  • Better employee engagement
  • Favourable brand perception

An expert business coach suggests that workforce diversity brings a variety of ideas and learning opportunities together, where diverse employees bring together their talents and experiences to drive creative solutions.

On the other hand, a group with similar backgrounds and skills may approach challenges in the same way they have always done. The former, therefore, can drive innovation in an organisation, as well as promote the feeling of camaraderie and inclusion among team members.

However, recruiting for diversity doesn’t automatically make a company inclusive and this still needs to be addressed at the core.

Johnny C. Taylor, president and chief executive officer of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), says “we often forget the ‘I’ in the D&I conversation. The challenge is in having a culture where all employees feel included. It’s a major investment to bring talent into your organization, so why bring them in if they’re not happy when they get here? You’ve got to get the inclusion part right.”

How To Champion Workforce Diversity and Inclusion In Your Company's DNA

Begin At Recruitment Level

Like it or not, we all carry inherent bias in some way. Removing it in the recruitment phase to open the door for a diverse workforce can ensure that qualified talent is never overlooked.

There is only so much that a hiring team can tell about an applicant from looking at their resume. Personality and culture fit need to be considered too. Yet these can only be gauged if an applicant proceeds past early screening stages, which when done without the help of technology, means that merit is usually decided on resume face value alone.

Of course, technology can address this: recruitment software depersonalizes applicants before matching to remove unconscious bias against gender, race, or age that exists from historical hiring trends. In-depth multi-point matching and staged personality tests go on to screen applicants more accurately based on their skills and personality fit.

The result is that applicants are considered on valid merit instead of any specific traits they are lacking or hold.

Educate Leadership To Shape Company Values

Workforce diversity and inclusion has to start at the C-Suite. This is because leadership and management play a role in shaping company values. So, for D&I to be accepted throughout the rest of the company, it needs to be set from the top-down.

Programs to educate leaders and management on unconscious bias, active listening, and using inclusive language in the workplace can set the precedent for the rest of the organization.

Ongoing feedback should also be factored in to tie in goals with actual results, as well as to raise potential issues.

Launch A Mentorship Program

The value of a mentorship program in an organisation is immense. When it comes to D&I, mentors are more than simply figures to promote professional and personal growth. They voice concerns and tackle challenges for their community. If ever employees feel unheard, their mentors provide support and a springboard to overcome the challenges.

Making Diversity A Priority For Success

Through workforce diversity and the experience and talent it brings to the table, an organisation is better positioned to innovate. When inclusion is present, employees get better job satisfaction and feel like part of something bigger. Ultimately, D&I helps to drive organizational success for the long run.

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