Recruiters, Which Are The Best Job Sites In South Africa You Should Focus On?

Hiring is not easy at the best of times. How do companies cut through the noise to find their top talent?

Recruiters, Which Are The Best Job Sites In South Africa You Should Focus On?

Hiring is not easy at the best of times; add in the rising unemployment rate in Mzansi, and the prospect of locating your ideal candidates becomes a tricky one. While there are many job seekers out there, how do companies cut through the noise to find their top talent?

Searching CVs and advertising positions on the best job sites in South Africa is a step that many companies take. It’s where the candidates are and consequently gives the business a wider reach over the market.

As to be expected, there are many job sites to list on. It then becomes a question of, where are my ideal candidates located? If you’re using the &Team platform to streamline hiring, then you’ll get personalised job advertising recommendations to guide your focus.

To give you a general overview of the some of the more popular boards, we’ve put together a list below.

Best Job Sites In South Africa

When it comes to job boards, South Africa has several popular sites that talented people list their CV on and search for positions.

Some are local, while others are world-renowned. They have a track record of success and often have low-cost options that make your search all the more simplified. With an expertly written job description to help you attract the right applicants and your &Team software to help you screen them, you will soon have access to a qualified talent pool.

Which Job Boards Are The Best

1. Indeed

Indeed is the most popular job posting site in the world! For this reason, your job posting will likely have a huge reach and attract many applicants.

Posting is free, but there are also paid options that can help you increase the visibility of your listings.

Because applicants can filter their searches down to specific industries and job titles, a range of companies from different sectors use Indeed to reach appropriate applicants.

2. Glassdoor

Like Indeed, Glassdoor is a major global hiring site. The site also offers both free and paid job advertisements for employers posting vacancies, and caters to most industries.

A major drawcard for applicants is the fact that it is also a review platform, where employees can post reviews of their employers. Reading the reviews can help potential applicants determine whether they want to proceed with an application. As a result, highly rated employers typically have a good success rate on this site.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most popular social media site for professionals in the world. More than just one of the best job sites in South Africa, it's a place where professionals actively network.

Employers can source talent through set criteria that matter, such as location and experience. The platform also provides automatic candidate recommendations and rejects applicants who don't fit your requirements.

It is most commonly used for white-collar or professional jobs, particularly at senior level. Also, LinkedIn exclusively offers paid job advertisements.

Job Boards South Africa

4. Careers24

Similarly, Careers24 also only offers paid advertising. However, this is low cost and starts at just R895.00 per post. It’s one of the best job sites in South Africa because it is specific to our country.

The platform covers a range of sectors and industries from engineering to finance positions. Job seekers can browse positions by city, region, and sector. This helps to ensure a better fit between vacancy and applicant.

5. Jobs On Facebook

As we know, people spend a great deal of time on Facebook, so why not advertise your open positions on the platform?

Any listings you post will link to your business page, the Jobs on Facebook bookmark, as well as to the marketplace.

While the above options are free, if you opt to do paid advertising, then Facebook’s algorithm can target specific lookalike audiences, even if they’re not actively searching for a role at the time.

Connecting on this platform also allows you to get to know your potential recruits more personally. Possibly due to this more social connotation, this site is not commonly used for jobs in professional services.

6. PNet

Pnet is known to be a recruiting tool for some of the larger corporates and organisations in the country.

Its focus tends to be on the mid to senior-level positions across a range of industries, possibly because it costs slightly more to advertise on. Prices start at R1,150.00 per post and increase as you expand your reach.

Final Thoughts

Sourcing candidates from the best job sites in South Africa is only the first step in the recruitment process. From there, you need AI and ML driven software to smartly narrow down your options and help you identify the candidates you should meet face to face with.

If you would like to know more about &Team, a talent acquisition platform that connects you with the right candidates on the right platforms, get in touch.