How To Avoid Time Wasters In The Hiring Process

It is every HR professional's goal to streamline recruitment efforts and get better results.

How To Avoid Time Wasters In The Hiring Process

Time is a precious commodity; HR and recruiting teams will agree. Many of you now have to work around remote hiring, fill critical positions at the drop of a hat, and find talent for roles that may not have existed prior to the pandemic.

One of the challenges of hiring in a saturated job market is to separate the qualified applicants from those who try their luck. If you don't approach the hiring process strategically, you will likely receive hundreds of applications for any position you advertise.

There are also steps to take to streamline your entire hiring workflow. Inefficient operational processes can lead to overly complex recruitment that doesn’t do anyone any favours.

So, what are these time wasters in the hiring process that you should be on the lookout for?

We examine the steps you can take to make your hiring efforts more intentional and produce better results. The end game is to streamline your efforts and get eyes on qualified workers who will be an asset to your business.

Top Seven Time Wasters During the Recruiting Process & How to Avoid Them

1. Brush Up Unclear Job Descriptions

Vague job descriptions lead to two big problems.

First, loads of unqualified applications will flood your mailbox, which means that you need to wade through these to find the gems in the haystack.

Second, candidates may make assumptions about the job, your company, and your team and decide not to apply. This leaves you with a shortfall of applicants from which to choose.

How to fix this:

Write clear job descriptions by including the minimum job experience needed, the skills and qualifications candidates require, and the job’s roles and duties. Use keywords that describe the pertinent traits and ask applicants to demonstrate how they fit the bill.

Touch Up Job Description

2. Remove Under-Qualified Candidates From The Running

While some under-qualified candidates can look promising in terms of growing into a role, keep in mind that it may take some time for them to get there. Tempting as it may be, if you are pressed to have someone up to speed right away, rather remove these applicants from your consideration pool as early as possible.

How to fix this:

Be honest with these applicants, as they'll appreciate not being led on.

If it does seem like they have something to offer, point them in the direction of a more suitable role or add them to your talent pool. These job seekers will appreciate the honesty and likely speak highly of your company should an opportunity arise.

3. Don’t Underestimate Social Recruiting

Nearly 80% of job seekers use social media to look for jobs. You miss out on plenty of opportunities by not utilizing social media platforms in the hiring process.

How to fix this:

Use social recruiting as one of your hiring strategies. It offers you a unique way to establish your brand further, gain digital visibility, connect with passive job candidates, stand out from your competitors, and find top talent.

4. Always Be Open For Hiring

One of the top time wasters for recruiters is having a reactive model of recruiting. When a job position opens up, they restart the hiring process each time.

How to fix this:

Switch to a proactive recruiting process. Have talent on hand by developing a talent pipeline where you foster relationships with potential candidates. This will help you fill critical job openings fast and escape what may seem like a never-ending hiring process each time a position needs to be filled.

Always Open Hiring

5. Be Selective When Naming Interview Candidates

Many HR managers and talent recruiters interview too many candidates from a too-long shortlist. This increases how long your recruiting process takes and ultimately delays filling the job position.

How to fix this:

Cut down on the number of candidates you add to your shortlist. Share a list with everyone on your recruitment team, so they know exactly what your ideal candidate looks like.

You can also send a list of interview questions to the shortlisted candidates. Have them video record their responses to three to five questions. If an applicant doesn't seem like a good fit, you can simply stop the video. It is easier and quicker than stopping an interview.

6. Shorten The Hiring Process

Many open job positions take weeks, if not months, to fill. If this sounds familiar, your recruiting process may be too lengthy, and you need to go back to the drawing board.

How to fix this:

Rethink your hiring strategy. Ask key questions such as the following and optimize how you hire:

  • Are enough of the “right” candidates applying for the position?

  • Is your job description written clearly? Do you stand out from your competitors? Does it fit your brand and work culture?

  • Should you consider adding social recruiting to better target ideal applicants?

  • Should you look at a talent acquisition platform to help you with your hiring process?

7. Reconsider Your Idea Of The Perfect Candidate

Reconsider Perfect Candidate

Don't wait for the perfect unicorn candidate or the purple squirrel. This wastes time because your ideal candidate most likely doesn't exist or is nearly impossible to find and recruit.

How to fix this:

Consider serious candidates who possess a good balance of qualifications, personality, and job skills. Then, add these to your shortlist and hire someone who performs the best throughout the entire interview process.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, time wasters during the recruitment process are everywhere. They can show up really early in the hiring process, from the point you write a job description until the time comes to make a hire. The encouraging news is that you can identify and be more efficient with your approach to sourcing and interviewing candidates for the business by following the seven steps above.

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