Demystifying Common AI Recruitment Myths

We hear that AI is the future, but what does that mean for the work we do as humans?

Demystifying Common AI Recruitment Myths

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence or AI is a buzz word these days. From virtual assistants to advanced software applications, smart home devices to Google’s predictive search – it’s out there. As someone in the hiring team of your business, you might have heard some AI recruitment myths and wonder if they are true.

We hear that AI is the future, but simultaneously fear that it will make humanity and labour done by humans redundant. Because it’s a relatively new concept with technology development rapidly taking place, there is a certain mystery around AI.  To clear up some of the uncertainty, we have put in the research to debunk some of the common myths surrounding the advancing technology.

How Does AI Fit Into Recruitment?

In the context of recruiting, smart platforms like &Team are driven by AI and its subset, Machine Learning (ML) technology. The technology assists with a variety of recruitment functions, including sourcing qualified talent, screening resumes, candidate short-listing and pre-assessment, as well as candidate engagement.

For the hiring team, it improves decision making, removes unconscious bias, and provides a better spend of human time.

AI Recruitment Myths Debunked

Advanced Recruitment Technology

Myth 1: Artificial Intelligence Will Replace Human Intelligence In Recruiting

This myth is probably what makes people fear the concept of AI in our world the most. It is embedded in the assumption that AI can one day perform as a replacement for human intelligence. This is far from true, as AI cannot be set up on its own. It will always need human intelligence to extensively construct it.

Humans have always been at the wheel of all recruitment strategies and will be at that wheel for years to come. AI should be thought of as a tool, and people create and develop the tool to simplify their jobs and perform monotonous tasks.

When hiring people for the business, AI and ML can help with part of the process, but it’s human intuition that makes the ultimate decision.

Myth 2: AI Will Make Recruitment Obsolete By Using Chatbots

These first two AI recruitment myths tie in to one another. According to Aptitude’s Hire, Engage, Retain 2017 study, 43% of recruiters feel threatened and intimidated by AI.

What you need to know is that AI and chatbots are not able to execute the recruitment process in its entirety. AI-based chatbots can, for example, assist with screening candidates, and they can also assist candidates by answering standard questions from the prospective employees.

AI Chatbots For Recruitment

However, AI cannot evaluate certain subjective tasks that only a human eye can, for example, a writing test. AI can only assist with making objective decisions like whether or not a candidate has the required experience on paper or if they have specific skill sets needed for the role.

Chatbots are also not able to conduct a full interview. That is because interviewees ask investigative questions for clarity and chatbots are not able to answer these with the required depth that a human does.

AI will not make recruitment obsolete, but it can increase the productivity of human recruiters dramatically. AI should be seen as a tool used to support recruitment processes rather than one that is going to take them.

Myth 3: AI Recruitment Tools Are Extremely Complicated To Navigate

A term like artificial intelligence might sound complex, especially to anyone who is a little wary of adopting new technologies and the learning curve it takes to get there. Truth be told, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The technology available on the market today is extensively tested for usability and UX design, meaning that it has been optimized for you, the end-user. Developers and project managers spend years designing and creating the optimal tool for you to use as a recruiter. They consider your pain points and work to solve these.

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For example, in the South African job market, we have a high unemployment rate – 30.8% according to the latest stats. This means that there are typically hundreds of applications for every job post that you list. The AI and ML technology in the &Team platform screens the applications and selects suitable candidates who should proceed in the interview process based on criteria that you input.

In essence, the technology gives recruiters more face time with people who may actually be a fit for the business. By rooting out unsuitable applicants early on the team no longer has to do the more tedious tasks, such as scanning hundreds of resumes to assess the skills, experience, and suitability of the applicants.

Final Thoughts

We hope that after demystifying these common AI recruitment myths that you can see there is no reason to be threatened by this new technology; on the contrary. Once you work together with it you will see that your productivity levels will skyrocket.

To get a demo on our AI and ML-driven talent experience management platform, contact us. Not only will it improve your team’s productivity but also improve engagement with the people you want to hire.