6 Ways Talent Acquisition Software Elevates The Recruiter Experience

6 Ways Talent Acquisition Software Elevates The Recruiter Experience

Talent Acquisition (TA) teams recruiting in the South African job market have their work cut out for them. On average, recruiters review twenty-one applications for a position before finding one suitable applicant. In a country that has an unemployment rate of 29%, this can equate to a mammoth undertaking.

Technology can provide a distinct advantage to recruiters, though. AI and Machine Learning (ML) talent acquisition software can instantly match candidates to positions and positions to candidates at scale. Auto-matching based on a set of pre-requisites highlights a more qualified pool of talent for the team to engage with.

As a result, goal metrics such as Time to Hire and Cost of Acquisition can be greatly reduced. It’s efficient talent acquisition for organisations as sourcing and hiring teams come in under the allocated time and monetary budgets.

Recruiters, this is your business case for how talent acquisition software can elevate your abilities to hire better talent faster.

How Talent Acquisition Software Elevates Recruiter Experience

1. Intuitive Job Advertising Recommendations Driven By AI and ML

South Africa’s workforce searches job boards such as Careers24, Pnet, Indeed, LinkedIn, and Jobs on Facebook for suitable openings. AI and ML-driven software can do two things to help recruiters reach suitable candidates on these boards.

Firstly, the technology can provide recruiters with personalised job advertising recommendations based on the job location and industry. Recruiters can subsequently allocate advertising spend to target the boards which host the candidates they are after.

Secondly, after compiling a single requisition on the software platform, recruiters can post free, organic listings across the various boards, saving them a great deal of time.

2. Early Screening Using AI To Highlight Best Candidates

Talent acquisition software performs initial screening to save recruiters the task of scanning over resumes to identify potential candidates. A Job and Personality Fit test uses science from cloning an organisation’s existing talent to instantly score candidates, highlighting only those who are a match for the position on paper.

Any non-matching candidates are left out of the equation, ensuring focus is solely where it should be.

3. Video Or Text Interview To Further Qualify Candidates

Hiring the very best talent is not a single interview game. Instead, staged assessments qualify candidates to move onto the next round of interviews. Rigorous screening in this way ensures that the hire is not just a fit on paper, but also a fit in personality and for the organisational culture.

To take some of the pressure off recruiters during early interview stages, the talent acquisition software features automatic stage actions to qualify candidates as they enter a stage. These could be compulsory one-way video interviews or skills assessments which eliminate anyone who answers incorrectly. This way, recruiters can focus on highly qualified talent when the time comes to sit down for a conversation.

4. Self-Service Option For Interview Scheduling

Another feature of the software which optimizes time for all involved is candidate interview scheduling. This eliminates back and forth communication to find a suitable interview time and allows candidates to schedule this automatically based on rules the recruiters create for their team's availability.

5. Interview Scorecards For Better Hiring Choices

Interview scorecards help TA teams to keep the interview discussion on track and remove any unconscious bias of a candidate’s ability to perform a job. Using the software, recruiters can create a candidate persona and include specific questions in the scorecard which help to inform better hiring choices.

6. Generate and Send Offer Letters and Contracts

To finish the hiring process from the software platform, recruiters can send over offer letters and contracts to candidates for digital signing. Using a central point of collaboration, the entire team can be included in the signing process as well.

&Team, Software To Elevate The Recruiter Experience

Giving recruiters access to talent acquisition software greatly enhances their ability to source and hire qualified candidates. In this case, a win for the team is also a win for the organization with talent coming onboard to achieve business objectives sooner and at a lower cost.

If you’d like to know more about the &Team platform and how it can empower your TA department, then get in touch for a demo today.